The vegetarian way of eating can be a very healthy style of eating. The rules still apply with healthy eating, although you should add variety, balance, and moderation.


A vegetarian person is a person who only wants to eat nothing but vegetables. Eating vegetables can be good for your body because vegetables are the most nutritious food.

Eating vegetables is healthy for the body. However, not all the essential nutrients are present in vegetables. Some are found in meat and other types of food other than vegetables.

Eating varieties of food with perfect balance and moderation is advisable so that one can achieve a healthy body resistant to sickness and illness.
A person who is a vegetarian usually eats vegetables.

He does not usually eat foods that are from animals such as hot dogs, hamburgers, fishes, chicken, pork or beef. Vegetarians are classified into two types: the Lacto-ovo and the Vegan.

The Lacto-ovo type of vegetarian eats eggs, dairy products such as ice cream, cereals, and other foods as long as it has no animal flesh and meat. The vegetarians who are under the Vegan in contrast, cannot be forced to eat foods with any traces of animal flesh.

It is a fact that animal meat is a good source of protein that is essential for the body. Whenever you see the word vegetable, the very first thing that will come into your mind is the green leafy object that has a bitter taste.

You might wonder how vegetarians get enough protein to sustain their healthy body. Because they do n’t eat meet, vegetarians will often wonder how they will get enough protein.

Although you may not realize it, the average American actually consumes more protein than he actually needs. The answer is that there are lots of alternative foods available in nature wherein they can get protein.

Dairy products, which are being eaten by the Lacto-ovo vegetarian, are a good source of protein. Seeds, beans, soy products and nuts, on the other hand, are the source of protein for the Vegans.


The beans have many varieties and kinds from which you can choose. Along with these are the red and green lentils, split peas, peanuts, soy, pinto, kidney, and the lists never ends. Some of these beans are very familiar.

The kidney beans in chili, the Mexican refried beans that are found in Mexican dishes, rice and red beans, and the last are the pinto beans.

Beans taste good making it the favorite food of all times. The beans’ taste can be enhanced through the use of additional flavoring.  Although some beans taste good as they are, others are available with different flavors to help enhance their taste.

Nuts too are one of the most excellent sources of protein. However, nuts contain more fats, which is quite harmful in the body in high amount than beans.

The protein that can be gained in a cup of beans is equivalent to the amount of protein from two ounces of meat.

To have an adequate intake of B12, vegans should regularly consume supplements or foods which contain vitamin B12, such as soy products or milk.

For calcium, vegans can rely on orange juice or soy milk, as they are fortified with calcium. Beans and leafy green vegetables will also contain some calcium as well.

Although all types of vegetarians rely on simple food groups, controlling your vitamins and calcium intake is something you should always do.Calcium is essential for strengthening the bones in the body. It hardens the bones to prevent being brittle and to avoid breakage.

Vegans get their calcium from the juice of oranges and soy milk. Calcium can also be found in beans and some green and leafy vegetables. This is very important for eating healthy, as well as staying healthy.

If you control what you eat, you’ll have many years of healthy eating ahead of you.