benefits of drinking water

You would think with water so available (taps, fountains and bottles) this would be so easy. It isn’t. Most of us have gotten into very bad habits. When our bodies cry out for water we give it coffee, or soda or worst of all diet soda. This is not water.

benefits of drinking water

Fruit juices and vegetable juices though tasty, and sometimes even good for you are not water, (the sugars are the problem). Tea? Yes the body can use the water in tea, that is okay.

Flavored water, is suspect as most flavorings have sugar or sugar substitutes, but a squeeze of lemon juice (especially in hot water) adds a little zing.

So we are ready. We are going to drink more water, cold water, hot water with lemon, a variety of teas. This can’t be that hard. Yes it can. If you have not been drinking water, your body is not used to it.

The body needs water and lots of it, but it has to learn to trust you. Let me explain. When you do not give your body enough water, it will hoard what you do give it.

So you start drinking water, but the body is still in hoarding mode. You may retain water in your tissues for a while.

You want to increase your water consumption, but do it gradually. Once your body comes to depend on you giving it more water REGULARLY, the hoarding will diminish.

The body will start to release the water it has been holding on to. Great! No more bloating! Except your body is releasing the old stale water.

It needs to go somewhere. If you make this change too abruptly this could be a problem. I hope you have a job where you are not restricted as to when and how many bathroom breaks are allowed.

This is another reason to make the change gradually.

How much water? and how to add it? First observe what are you drinking now and how much? When do you drink it? Pay attention, this is important. This will tell you where you can add a glass or substitute one glass of non-water for the real stuff.

Second step is actually making the substitution. After a couple of days, replace another. If you are not drinking large quantities of non-water, by looking at your day you should be able to see where you can add a glass.

Only add water one glass at a time, give yourself a few days to adjust before adding another. How much water do you need?

One source I read said take your body weight in pounds, divide that number in half and the new number is the amount of ounces of water you should be drinking each day.

So if you weighed 160 pounds, so you should be drinking 80 ounces of water EVERY DAY. How do you measure that? If you are buying water bottles they of course are already measured.

water timing consumption

Just figure out how many you need. For the rest of us, drinking cups and mugs and glasses and bottles come in all kinds of sizes.

You could take your favorite drinking cup or mug, fill it to where you normally fill it, then pour it into a measuring cup to see how much it actually is. Another way is to have about 3 water containers.

Fill each container with about 1/3 of the water you will be drinking that day (Remember, you will be increasing gradually until you reach the right number of ounces so in the beginning it will be less than the goal amount).

If you keep it in the fridge, or if you keep it in an insulated container, you will have cold water whenever you want it. If you want a hot drink just pour a mugs worth from your bottle into a kettle.

If you take your water from your bottles, you can keep track of how much you are actually drinking. Have one bottle in the morning, mostly with breakfast, finish it at your mid morning break.

Have a second at lunch time and if it is too much, finish it at your afternoon break and the 3rd bottle with supper and again if it is too much finish it in the evening.

Try to finish drinking about 3 hours before you plan to sleep. You do not want to interrupt your sleep by getting up to go to the bathroom.

Is your water Clean?
If you have water that has been chlorinated or has fluoride consider a good filter. Many filters only remove odors and adjust the taste, the toxins are still there.

You need to remove the toxins. Bottled water may be a good alternative until you are able to get a real good filter as the better filters are not cheap. Bottled water is usually less expensive than sodas so most of you will be able to afford them if you are drinking water instead of the diet colas.

Does this seem to be a lot of water? Well yes it does. And some experts say it is too much. If you are trying to lose weight, or cleanse your body of toxins you need this much water.

It is not just for day to day bodily processes. You are actually FLUSHING your system. Once you have lost the weight and cleaned up your diet so you are no longer eating toxic food, but are eating fresh, healthy, WATER containing fruits and veggies you probably will not have to have this much water.

You will be able to start listening to your body. Once it has enough water it will do something truly amazing. Your body will start telling you if and when it is thirsty.

Thirst, real thirst is not a sensation most of us actually feel any more. After years of ignoring our bodies signals or giving our bodies the wrong stuff it has stopped sending that signal or we have stopped listening to it.

When you have a fit healthy body again you may not need these quantities of water, but even if you do it will be normal and natural to you and not a chore to remember.